After discovering that they've stayed up for so long that it's now the future, Norbert and Daggett attempt to get some sleep in hopes that things will turn back to normal. Unfortunately for them, they're now too tired to sleep and they once again start to bicker in hopes of staying up all day.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • Norb and Dag wake up in the same futuristic world from "Up All Night," but this time it's overpopulated by sheep and Norb and Dag are now elderly beavers, since they slept.

Production Information


  • Second episode to use live action footage. [1]


  • Star Wars - In the beginning of the episode, the description of the episode rolls up screen. This is a spoof on the epic space opera film series, which the description of the movies rolls up screen.
  • Doctor Who - The time/space traveling outhouse that brings Norb and Dag back to the present may be a reference to the TARDIS.



"Spooky Spoots"
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