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Treeflower is Norbert's love interest, whom he met at an outdoor concert. [1] However, Daggett seems to have also developed some interest in her since he said her name in his sleep once. [2]


Treeflower has a kind personality, but then again, it tends to change somewhat because the most prominent thing about her is that she changes her job, clothes, hairstyle, etc. all the time.

In the episode "Practical Jerks", Norb tries calling Treeflower because he believes it is she who has been pranking them. She isn't home, but her answering service says "Treeflower is off on another exciting adventure where she'll change her career and personality one more time.", which pretty much summarizes exactly what happens throughout the series.


She and Norb are obviously on good terms, but doesn't seem too interested in a long term relationship after "Bummer of Love" since she's aware of his often self-absorbed personality. Dag tends to annoy her sometimes or come off as weird. However, he is also her friend. In "Muscular Beaver 3", she saves Dag from falling to his doom, but Norb takes it the wrong way. She explains that she was just helping Dag by playing along with his Muscular Beaver fantasy so that he wouldn't hurt himself in the woods. Treeflower briefly dated Truckee in "Tree of Hearts". The relationship didn't long, though, as Truckee is more interested in his semi-truck, Big Renee.

Physical Appearance

Treeflower has light brown fur with a tan stomach, light blue eyes, a purple nose, and wears white-and-green flower earrings (later switches to white-and-pink flower earrings).

In her first official appearance, she wore a brown headband, a brown fringed vest, a necklace with a peace sign charm, spectacles, and her tail was tied-dyed. [1]

Her snowboarding outfit is a mint green headband with a pink flower, a pair of pink and white framed snow goggles, a mint green and white snowsuit with pink cuffs, a magenta and pink belt with a pink flower, and pink boots. [3]

In "Pass It On!", Treeflower's clothes changes throughout the episode: a black-and-red flannel shirt, a cowgirl, a police officer, a Native American, and an airplane pilot.


Treeflower as an elevator-music composer Treeflower greets Norb's dad
As an elevator-music composer
Treeflower with Norb's father.
  • Elevator-music composer - Mint green dress and jacket with a pink scarf and black pumps. [4]
  • Firefighter - Firefighter hat with a white-and-green flower painted on it, an over-sized firefighter coat, and black boots. [5]

Background Information


The image gallery for Treeflower may be viewed here.


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