Norbert is hoping to gain another chance at winning Treeflower's affection, as she has recently moved back into the vicinity and he does everything in his power to impress her. However, when she falls for a semi-truck driver named Truckee, Norbert must find a way to win her back.

Episode Summary


Background Information

  • At the beginning of the episode, Norb reads a letter announcing the birth of Richard Horvitz's eldest son, Jake Elliot Horvitz.
  • One of the semi-trucks at the weigh station has the word "Lessa" on it, which is a reference to senior producer Michael Lessa.

Production Information


  • The instrumental version of "I Think I Like You" could be heard in the background while Norb is getting ready for Treeflower's visit.
  • The argument between Norb and Dag at the end of the episode is similar to the one they had in "Bummer of Love".


  • The episode title is referring to the card "three of hearts".


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