It's the day before Halloween and the beavers are out trick-or-treating, though they're surprised when they go to a house that is owned by their hero, Oxnard Montalvo. However, Oxnard is having problems of his own as a strange creature is sucking things into an alternate dimension, in which the beavers get sucked in. They soon realize that the alternate universe is a combination of many of Oxnard's films and that it's up to them to slay the monsters in order to restore everything back to a state of normalcy.

Episode Summary

Background Information

Norb and Dag in Halloween costumes
  • Both brothers were wearing Halloween costumes based off of the B-rated movies Oxnard was in: Dag as a crawling spleen and Norb as Oxnard Montalvo.

Production Information

  • This is a Halloween-themed episode.
  • Second episode which represents the holiday special. [1]
  • Only episode to be a half-hour long and where a post-credits scene narration is heard.
  • First episode to use live action footage.
  • On January 2016, this episode aired on TeenNick's block, "The Splat", occasionally for the first time.
  • This episode later aired again on TeenNick's block, "The Splat", on April 19, 2017, during the 20th anniversary marathon. [2]



  • The Day the Earth Stood Still - The episode title is a reference to the 1951 sci-fi movie.
  • This episode parodies B-movies as well as sci-fi films.
  • The name of the actress, Toluca Lake, is a reference to a district in Los Angeles, California. And to actress Veronica Lake.


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