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Norbert and Daggett discover that their house is haunted and they start playing with the ghost and having a good time. However, when two scientists turned paranormal investigators show up in order to capture the ghost, Norbert and Daggett must stop them.

Episode Summary


Background Information

  • It's revealed that Pete and Scientist #1 work for the government.
  • Scientist #1 keeps a Honey Bunny boombox hidden in his lab coat.
  • When Dag is trying to figure out the crossword puzzle, he mentions the show's title.

Production Information



  • The book Crosswords for Dummies! is a spoof of the For Dummies book series.
  • After Pete and Scientist #1 arrive, the ghosts tell Norb and Dag to "Lose These Goons" with strawberry jelly on the wall. This is probably imitating blood appearing on a wall from a scary movie.
  • "In the Hall of the Mountain King" - Scientist #1 plays a tape on the recorder and sings his own words to Grieg's symphony while he and Pete capture ghosts in jars.
  • Poltergeist - At the end of the episode, Scientist #1 and Pete are trapped in the TV by the ghosts. This seems to be an imitation of 1982 horror film, where someone is trapped in a TV.


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"Bite This!"
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