Patricia "Patti" Deutsch is a voice actress on The Angry Beavers.

Voice and television work

In the 1980s, Deutsch did voice-over work on Hanna Barbera's The Smurfs and Capitol Critters cartoon series.[1] She provided the voice for "Mrs. Dave," the mother of "Dr. Dave" on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, As Told by Ginger.[2]

During the early years of the show The Electric Company, she did some voice work for some of the vignette cartoons alongside actor and show writer Paul Dooley. Her recent work includes Monsters, Inc. and The Emperor's New Groove. Deutsch had her own television show in 1979 titled Grandpa Goes to Washington but it only ran for about a month. She made a cameo appearance in the 1983 movie Mr. Mom, playing "The Deli Girl".[2]

Improv and later career

Deutsch was a member of the improvisational comedy group Ace Trucking Company.[1]

Fellow members of Ace included Bill Saluga and Fred Willard. It was during this time that Patti met her husband, Donald Ross. Deutsch was also a regular performer on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In[1] and This Is Tom Jones. She has done commercials for M&M Meat Shops, a Canadian food retailer.[2]

Personal life

Deutsch married comedy writer Donald Ross in 1968. They have one son, Max (born 1975). She occasionally appeared on both Match Game and Tattletales with her husband.[2]

Characters portrayed

  • Trixie
  • Operator
  • Raccoon Walla
  • Beaver Squadron


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