"Muscular Beaver Baby Song", performed by Barry Bear (featuring Treeflower, Truckee, and Bing), is the song from the episode "Muscular Beaver 4".


Barry: Ooo, Muscular Beaver, baby
You've got an evil puppet on your toe.
Oh, baby, baby, baby
That evil puppet's got to go.

It's messin' with your mind,
and we're runnin' out of time.
Understand [....], baby?

Oh... and, oh, yeah.
Oh, baby.

Barry, Truckee, Bing, Treeflower: Toe-Bot's gotta go
Say, oh, oh, baby.
Bing: Uh, huh.
Barry, Truckee, Bing, Treeflower: Oh, oh, yeah.

Barry: You know, 'cause he's funky... in a bad way.



BMI Work # 4901139

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