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"Long Tall Daggy"
Long Tall Daggy title card
Season 3, Episode 43A
Airdate November 13, 1999
Written by Victor Wilson
Storyboards by Carolyn Gair-Taylor
Directed by Pat Shinagawa

Norb, who's four minutes older, has always been just a wee bit taller than Dag (something he relishes). His world is turned upside down when Dag shows up for their weekly measuring and has grown to be a wee bit taller than him.

Episode Summary

On a Monday, Dag and Norb have "Measurin' Day". However, once the measured lines are drawn, Norbert is shocked to find out that Daggett is taller than him.

Norbert tries everything to get taller than Dag but doesn't succeed. Later that night, things are no better as Norb has a nightmare about Dag being taller than him.

When it's "Measuring Day" comes again, Norb tells Dag he doesn't want anymore of that day. Defiant, Dag starts the measuring but not before bending down so he's short and Norb is tall again.

Background Information

  • The following dates are shown on the measuring chart:
    • August 5, 1995
    • March 20, 1996
    • November 23, 1997
    • June 18, 1998
    • April 3, 1999

Production Information



  • Long Tall Sally - The episode title is a reference to the 1956 song by the Beatles.


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