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"Chocolate Up to Experience/Three Dag Nite"

"Fat Chance!/Dag in the Mirror"

  • Mitchell "Chubby Cheeks" Schauer (executive producer)
  • Michael R. "Love Handles Bars" Gerard (creative supervising producer/director)
  • Victor "Ab Normal" Wilson (story editor)
  • Charlie "Pumping Irons-Ons" Brissette (music by)
  • Anne "3 sets of curling iron" Michaud (production manager)
  • Michael Q. "One-Handed Pushover" Ceballos (character design supervisor)
  • Jerry "Deep Knee Benz" Royal (prop design)
  • Frank "Barrel chest of drawers" Guthrie (layout design)
  • Bob "Bull worker's Comp" Curtis (storyboard clean-up supervisor)
  • Frank "Muscular Beard" Furlong (background supervisor)
  • Craig "Chin up the creek" Gardener (background stylist)
  • Eric "Head! Shoulders! Knees! and Hey! Where are my Toes?" Mahady (digital effects supervisor)
  • Geri "Does the Splits at the sound of bubble gum Music" Rochon (color key supervisor)
  • Donna "I met Lionel Barrymore once!" Grillo (voice casting)
  • Kimberly "Jaws of Steel" Goossen (casting coordinator)
  • Tammy "Raquetball of Fire" Slusser
  • Heather "Couch Potato" Adams (post production director)
  • Jessica "Can lift her Weight in...nothing" Dorff
  • Michael "Wow, Man! I'm exercising!" Patak (additional post-production services)
  • Eric "Weights for no one" Freeman (supervising sound FX editor)
  • Emily "Watch the veins in her neck pop out" Heche (production executive)
  • Brian "Marshmallow" Miller (executive in charge of production)

"Canucks Amuck/Yak in the Sack"

  • Mitchell "Boo-Bo-Tax" Schauer (executive producer)
  • Michael R. "Zimmel-Fipp" Gerard (creative supervising producer/director)
  • Charlie "Lo-La-Tobu" Brissette (music by)
  • Anne "Mammo-Tabby" Michaud (production managers)
  • Michael Q. "Zyzpippy" Ceballos (character design supervisor)
  • Taesoo "Flop-Dopplet" Kim (prop design)
  • Jin "Bob-Bippo-Yip" Sir (character clean-up)
  • Frank "Yadda-Mo-Tweet" Guthrie (layout design)
  • Bob "Oot" Curtis (storyboard clean-up supervisor)
  • Dan "Blee-Blee-Mip-Loopy" Chessher (art director)
  • Craig "Shoo-Key-Moo-Key" Gardener (background stylist)
  • Pablito "Paul" Paguio (background stylist)
  • Nancy "Kakoo-Zazoo" Goree (production assistant)
  • Eric "Piddy-Piddy-Baz-Flaz" Mahady (digital effects supervisor)
  • Geri "Thou-Sandy-Oak-Andy" Rochon (color key supervisor)
  • Donna "Casty-McNasty" Grillo (voice casting)
  • Jim "Pinky-Finky-Floydo" Lever (second engineer)
  • Justin "Wazzy-Uppy?" Brinsfield (assistant engineer)
  • Gary "Bubby-O'Dubly" Hall (checker)
  • Jessica "Whiney-Shiney-Do-Diney-Do" Dorff (post-production supervisor)
  • Eric "Bing-Bong-Fling-Flong" Freeman (supervising sound effects editor)
  • Tom "Hi-Lo" Syslo (sound editor)
  • Dexter P. "Yoba-Plee" (DaVinci colorist)
  • Emily "Smak-Soak-Diddy-Oak" Hache (production executive)
  • Brian Miller "Stan" (executive in charge of production)

"Driving Misses Daggett/Big Fun"

  • Michael R. "Pooki-Wookums" Gerard (creative supervising producer/director)
  • "Spoils go to the" Victor Wilson (story editor)
  • Charlie "Right down and take a load off" Brissette (music by)
  • Anne Michaud "Off 1968" (production manager)
  • Mitchell "Pro" Schauer (main character design)
  • Ken "The experience was quite un" Irving (layout design)
  • Brent Crowe "Crowe, Crowe your boat" (production coordinator)
  • Sandra "Less is" Mohr (executive assistant)
  • David "How to frame a" Wigfross (digital background coordinator)
  • "Tinker-Bella" Donna Grillo (voice casting)
  • "I don't know how to love" Kimberly Goossen (casting coordinator)
  • "Fire exit. Do not press" Krandal Crews (supervising sound engineer)
  • Jim "I'll take care of it" Leber "to me" (second engineer)
  • Justin Brinsfield "Of dreams" (assistant engineer)
  • "No baloney! It's Tony" Ostyn (audio production supervisor)
  • "I can see for miles and" Myles Pederson (checker)
  • Cathy "Use the force" Luker (lip assignment)
  • Jessica "The back of my head is REALLY flat" Dorff (post-production supervisor)
  • Michael "Whoa, dude!" Petak (additional post production services)
  • Eric "The red, Duke of Wales" Freeman (supervising sound effects editor)
  • Carl "Belly-Button" Linton (overseas supervisor)
  • Brian "Making myself scarce" Miller (executive in charge of production)

"Moby Dopes/Present Tense"

"It's a Spootiful Life/The Mom from U.N.C.L.E."

  • Michael R. "Buffing up real good" Gerard (creative supervising producer/director)
  • Charlie "One, Two...One, Two, Six, Ten!" Brissette (music by)
  • Steve "Smiles until his dimples hurt" Aquilar (character design)
  • I have no rice. Send me" Maurice Morgan (layout supervisor)
  • "Splung" Bob Curtis (storyboard clean-up supervisor)
  • Ty Schafrath "Of Khan" (storyboard clean-up)
  • "Steely" Dan Chessher (art director)
  • Pablito "Com-pleto" Paguio (background stylist)
  • Anne "Apolis" Michaud (line producer)
  • "Room for" Brent Crowe (production coordinator)
  • "Ka" Sandra "Crossing" Mohr (executive assistant)
  • Robert "Not related to George" Romero (digital effects coordinator)
  • Geri "That's my boyfriend calling. It'll Work later" Rochon (color key supervisor)
  • Kimberly "Who do we talk about, now?" Goossen (casting coordinator)
  • "No" Tony "You can not have a pony" Ostyn (audio production supervisor)
  • Nancy "Now and for" Avery (animation timer)
  • Brad "I write Music in 6 7/4 time" Carow (editor)
  • Jessica "My tattoo has one of me on its foot!" Dorff (post production supervisor)
  • "Gentleman" Timothy J. Borquez (sound supervised & mixed by)
  • Eric "care" Freeman "Highway" (supervising sound FX editor)
  • Eric Freeman ("Eric, again?") (re-recording mixer)
  • Emily "Emily-Ko-Ko-Bop" Heche (production executive)

"House Sisters/Muscular Beaver 5"

"Vantastic Voyage/Blacktop Beavers"

  • Mitchell "Don't drink and strive" Schauer (executive producer)
  • Michael R. "Look one way before crossing" Gerard (creative supervising producer / director)
  • Charlie "Don't cross on purple" Brissette (music by)
  • Steve "Soft smolder" Aguilar (character design)
  • Shoshana "Makes wide yearns" Stolove (character clean-up)
  • Maurice "Puts the metal to the Kettle" Morgan (layout supervisor)
  • Bob "No U-Turns unless you can go the opposite way" Curtis (storyboard clean-up supervisor)
  • Frank "I brake to stop" Furlong (background supervisor)
  • Anne "Udden-Udden!" Michaud (line producer)
  • Ron "going faster is just a matter of more speed" Velasco (production assistant)
  • Sandra "10 W 30" Mohr (executive assistant)
  • Antonio "Signal before plowing into oncoming bus" Gonella (lead digital artist)
  • Jackie "Beep Beep" Stewart (color keyist)
  • Donna "Honk if you're a goose" Grillo (voice casting)
  • Kimberly "Drives faster than she talks" Goossen (casting coordinator)
  • Jim "Pull over" Leber (second engineer)
  • Gary "Keep your hands on the whee...Where's the wheel?" Hall (checker)
  • Brad "Driving everyone crazy" Carow (editor)
  • Jessica "Left eye is burnt out" Dorff (post production supervisor)
  • Eric "Riding on the rims" Freeman (supervising sound FX editor)
  • Emily "Running on empty" Hache (production executive - credited as "ex ecutive")
  • Brian "Putt-Putt" Miller (executive in charge of production)

"Specs Appeal/Things That Go Hook in the Night"

  • Mitchell "I.C.U." Schauer (executive producer)
  • Michael R. "I.C....ME" Gerard (creative supervising producer/director)
  • Georgia "on my mind" Irwin
  • Charlie "Bom, Bom Bummmmm!" Brissette (music by)
  • Anne Michaud "What you've got!" (line producer)
  • Jamie "My name's too normal" Turner (production manager)
  • Josh "The" Pong "Show" (character design)
  • Storyboard Clean-Up: Tina Akland, Jordon Oliwa, Phil Caesar - "I don't know as single one of these folks" Mitch
  • "Blood and" Sandra Mohr (executive assistant)
  • Eric "Gray" Mahady "Down" (digital effects supervisor)
  • "Aye" Bonnie "Good" Reid (color stylist)
  • Donna "casting a giant shadow" Grillo (voice casting)
  • Kimberly "Look at me! Ain't I special?" Goosen (casting coordinator)
  • Krandel "I'm in charge, now!" Crews (supervising sound engineer)
  • Jim "I'm in charge, now!" Luber (second engineer)
  • Justin "who cares who's in charge! Let's party!" Brinsfield (assistant engineer)
  • Tony "The Detroit Piston" Ostyn (audio production supervisor)
  • "Gomer" Myles Pederson (checker)
  • Cathy "I'm a good" Luker (lip assignment)
  • John "Ten-Hut!" Powell (senior director of technical services)
  • Jessica "I ran out of space for tattoos!" Dorff (post-production supervisor)
  • Michael "Who, man! People can't be a duck, man!" Petak
  • Timothy J. "I'm important, see my tie?" Borquez
  • Eric "whoosh! Ka-whomp!" Freeman (supervising sound FX editor)
  • "My mother, the" Carl Linton (overseas supervisor)
  • Emily "Do I really have to talk to Mitch?" Hache (production executive)
  • Brian "yes you do! Cause I don't have to!" Miller (executive in charge of production)

"Damnesia/The Posei-Dam Adventure"

"The Big Frog/Dag Con Carny"

  • Mitchell "I watched this episode. Why is my stomach hurting" Schauer (executive producer)
  • Michael R. "Tell N.Y. I've gone fishing in the Sahara" Gerard (creative supervising producer / director)
  • Georgia "Live Action" Irwin (script supervisor)
  • Charlie "Plinky, Plinky, Plinky, Plink" Brissette (music by)
  • Anne "Bringing the bagel" Michaud (line producer)
  • "That's" Sean Moore "A" (character design)
  • Derek "Wardrobe is absolutely" Stenning (clean-up)
  • Garnet Syberg-Olsen "Yah-Shore" (layout design)
  • "Concert" Tina Akland (storyboard clean-up)
  • Scott Ninneman "Ah! A name we Recognize" (production coordinator)
  • "The" Sandra "Crossing" Mohr (executive assistant)
  • Eric "I'll be seein' ya!" Mahady (digital effects supervisor)
  • Kimberly "Turn off your headlights" Goossen (casting coordinator)
  • "Truth!" Justin "And the Nickelodeon Way!" Brinsfield (assistant engineer)
  • "Return of the" Jodi Reichmuth (animatic operator)
  • "The Green" Myles Pederson (checker)
  • Brad "Boogie nights" Carow (checker)
  • Jessica "Xanadu" Dorff (post production supervisor)
  • Skookum Sound "Your kidding!?" (track reading)
  • Eric "The viking" Freeman (supervising sound FX editor)
  • Eric "Him again?" Freeman (re-recording mixer)
  • Carl Linton "Known as, handsome Arlene" (overseas supervisor)
  • Emily Hache "I remember her" (production executive)

"All in the Colony/Line Duncing"

"Beavemaster/Deck Poops"

  • Mitchell "Shoo-Be-Doo" Schauer (executive producer)
  • Michael "Groovy, Baby" R. Gerard (creative supervising producer / director)
  • Victor "Be The Man" Wilson (story editor)
  • Charlie "Big Note" Brissette (music by)
  • Anne "Love Goddess" Michaud (production manager)
  • Michael Q. "Tough Cut" Cellabos (character design supervisor)
  • Steve "Joey Bag-O-Nails" Aguilar (character design)
  • Jerry "Ba-Da-Boom" Royal (prop design)
  • Frank "Ka-Ching!" Guthrie (layout design)
  • Mario "Oh, Baby!" D'Anna (storyboard supervisor)
  • Bob "Wowserville, Man" Curtis (storyboard clean-up supervisor)
  • Frank "Benny Big Toe" Furlong (background supervisor)
  • Pablito "Oakin' Noggling" "Paul" Paguio (background stylist)
  • Rosanna "Rump Roast" DiLoreto (executive assistant)
  • Geri "Jessie Jip Joint" Rochon (color key supervisor)
  • Kimberly "Goober, Gibberish" Goossen (casting coordinator)
  • Jim "Lighter Than Red Floyd" Leber (second engineer)
  • Justin "Flabby Manny" Brinsfield (assistant engineer)
  • Gary "Four Leaf Dovers" Hall (checker)
  • Brad "Harry the Horn" Carow (editor)
  • Jessica "Bill" Dorff (post production supervisor)
  • Michael "Woo Man! The Room is Flying" Petak (additional post production services)
  • Eric "Left-Lipped Lenny" Freeman (supervising sound FX editor)
  • Carl "Boom Boom Jaquita" Linton (overseas supervisor)
  • Emily "Hairy Toe Hanley" Hache (production executive)
  • Brian "The Scoop" Miller (executive in charge of production)

"Dagski and Norb/Shell or High Water"

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