A list of episodes from The Angry Beavers.


Title Original air date
"Snowbound" September 24, 1994

Dag and Norb are snowed in, so they try to think of things to do inside.

Season One

# Total Title Original air date
1 1 "Born to Be Beavers/Up All Night" April 20, 1997

Born to Be Beavers: Norbert and Daggett have been kicked out of their home by their parents and they are forced to build their own dam in order to live inside of it. Daggett decides that he doesn't want to build a dam and he tries to find a more conventional home, though Norbert decides to try to build the best dam he possibly can.

Up All Night: Now that Norbert and Daggett are living on their own, they decide to fulfill a childhood wish and actually stay up all night. Despite the fact that they've never attempted the feat before and despite the fact that they start to get tired quickly, the two decide to work together to ensure they don't fall asleep, though they start to wonder if there's something else in the house with them.

2 2 "A Dam Too Far/Long in the Teeth" April 20, 1997

A Dam Too Far: The government decides to send Norbert and Daggett into a flood zone in an attempt to get them to build dams and stop the raging water. Things go good for the two of them, though when the water starts to behave in an nontraditional fashion, they'll need to use an nontraditional dam to keep it in place.

Long in the Teeth: Upon discovering that having long teeth makes them more popular, Norbert and Daggett decide to stop chewing on bark in order to let their teeth get as long as possible.

3 3 "Gift Hoarse/Go Beavers!" April 27, 1997

Gift Hoarse: It's Arbor Day and all beavers celebrate a tradition of receiving presents from their parents. However, when Norbert gets a huge model train set while Daggett gets an air freshener, Daggett decides to try to sabotage Norbert's gift in order to try to get revenge against him.

Go Beavers!: Norbert and Daggett are big fans of the Beavers, their favorite football team, though they seldom win any games. In an attempt to help them win, Norbert and Daggett head down to the sidelines in order to try to coach them to victory, though the team they are facing is one of the best in the league.

4 4 "Box Top Beavers/Salmon Sez" September 13, 1997

Box Top Beavers: Daggett has been saving cereal boxtops in an attempt to send them in and retrieve the prize, he receives notification that he took too long and that he won't be receiving anything. In anger, Norbert decides to help Daggett sneak inside of the cereal factory and take his prize home by force.

Salmon Sez: Norbert and Daggett are dismayed to find that a bunch of salmon are attempting to destroy their home, though Norbert soon realizes that the salmon are actually attempting to get upstream in order to spawn. Despite Norbert's desire to forge a compromise with the salmon, Daggett chooses to find methods of destroying all of the salmon.

5 5 "Beach Beavers a Go-Go/Deranged Ranger" September 20, 1997

Beach Beavers a Go-Go: Refusing to spend another winter hibernating in their dam, Norbert and Daggett decide to head south for the winter in order to soak up the surf and the sun. However, their plans don't go as smoothly as they had anticipated.

Deranged Ranger: Norbert and Daggett are assigned as park rangers and they are permitted to make several mandates in order to improve the quality of the wilderness. However, when Daggett starts to go onto a power trip, Norbert must stop him before he destroys the entire forest.

6 6 "Muscular Beaver/Fish and Dips" September 27, 1997

Muscular Beaver: Daggett enjoys dressing up as a superhero in order to try to live his fantasies, though when Daggett takes his heroic actions a bit too far, Norbert decides to dress up as a super villain in an attempt to wake him up from his false reality.

Fish and Dips: Daggett is attempting to find the truth behind the old story of "Old Gramps", which claims there's a large fish living in a local lake that is so large, it can swallow just about anything.

7 7 "Enter the Daggett/Bug-a-Boo" October 4, 1997

Enter the Daggett: When a documentary claims that a beaver's only means of defense is to hide in a dam, Daggett decides to take martial arts lessons so he can show the world what exactly beavers are capable of.

Bugaboo: When a cricket sneaks into the dam, Daggett starts to lose his sanity as the cricket refuses to stop chirping. It's up to Norbert to save his brother by finding and removing the annoying insect, though he isn't even certain where he should start looking.

8 8 "Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy/I Dare You" October 11, 1997

Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy: When two scientists want to try to see if Norbert and Daggett can build dams under zero gravity, the two brothers find themselves being sent into space. However, when the mission is over, Norbert and Daggett find themselves abandoned on the space shuttle and they must work together in hopes of getting back to Earth.

I Dare You: Norbert and Daggett get into a dare competition in order to see who the bravest beaver is, though their challenges soon put one another's life in jeopardy. However, neither of them wants to be the one who admits defeat, so they're dead set on finishing the challenges.

9 9 "Stinky Toe/House Broken" October 18, 1997

Stinky Toe: Norbert becomes infected with the most horrible beaver disease ever: stinky toe. Nobody has ever found a cure for stinky toe and the government is planning on sending all beavers with stinky toe into outer space, in an attempt to remove the disease from the planet. Daggett must do everything he can in order to try to find a cure for stinky toe, though will he find it before his brother is sent into space?

House Broken: Sick and tired of fending for themselves, Norbert and Daggett sneak into a pet store and put themselves up for sale. When they get adopted by a super rich family who is perfect in nearly every way, they decide to make themselves comfortable as they've just hit the jackpot. However, things aren't as perfect for the beavers as they actually seem to be.

10 10 "Tree's Company/Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner?" October 25, 1997

Tree's Company: Norbert takes great pride in completing his models and he has completed every release of a certain brand of model. When the new model arrives, Norbert proceeds to work on it, though when he neglects Daggett in the process of doing such, Daggett opens his own tree house club in order to try to make Norbert jealous.

Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner?: After gnawing down a tree, Norbert realizes that the stump he's left behind had quite a personality, so he decides to take Stump back to his place. However, when Stump's presence starts to cause Daggett to become jealousy, Norbert must find a way to keep his new friend while ensuring that his brother isn't upset.

11 11 "Fancy Prance/H2Whoa!" November 1, 1997

Fancy Prance: Norbert has always had a lifelong dream, though he's never been able to find the right time to pursue it. However, when he learns that a Lipizzaner Stallion competition is about to take place, Daggett decides to train Norbert into the perfect Lipizzaner so that he can have a chance at winning.

H2Whoa!: Norbert and Daggett manage to sneak into an aquatic theme park that is under construction, so they decide to try out all of the rides since there are no lines at the moment. However, they soon realize that it's currently closed off for a very good reason.

12 12 "The Bing That Wouldn't Leave/You Promised!" November 8, 1997

The Bing That Wouldn't Leave: After meeting up with a chamelecko (part chameleon, part gecko) who's more than willing to share his thoughts, Norbert and Daggett find themselves constantly being spoken to by the chamelecko. However, after he starts to drive them towards insanity, Norbert and Daggett must find a way to get the chamelecko to stop talking once and for all.

You Promised: Norbert and Daggett discover that there's only one Lickety-Split, a beaver candy, left in the house. In order to get it, Norbert promises Daggett that he'll do whatever he wants for a day after a year has passed. Daggett agrees and when the said day arrives, Norbert finds himself forced to actually go through with what he said.

13 13 "Bummer of Love/Food of the Clods" November 15, 1997

Bummer of Love: Norbert and Daggett find themselves right in the middle of a rock n' roll festival when a group decides to hold a concert in the area. However, Norbert soon meets the love of his life amidst the audience of the contest, though Daggett decides to try to get them to leave the vicinity.

Food of the Clods: Norbert has been sleepwalking due to his long nights of eating spicy food and watching monster movies, so Daggett decides to take drastic measures in order to show Norbert the errors of his ways.

Season Two

# Total Title Original air date
1 14 "Beaver Fever/Same Time Last Week" March 1, 1998

Beaver Fever: Daggett and Norbert decide to take Barry's advice and they release a disco hit entitled "Beaver Fever", though when the fame and wealth starts to get to their heads, they become their own worst enemy.

Same Time Last Week: When Daggett constantly annoys his brother, Norbert hits him over the head and forces him to go back in time precisely one week. However, when he discovers that Norbert continues to do the same thing every week, he must try to live out the week perfectly in order to prevent his brother from hitting him.

2 15 "Kandid Kreatures/Fakin' It!" March 8, 1998

Kandid Kreatures: Norbert and Daggett are ecstatic to discover that they were selected to be filmed for a nature documentary, though they aren't too happy when they discover that they're actually being filmed on a show that shows stupid animals.

Fakin' It!: Tired of being forced to do things himself, Norbert fakes an illness in order to try to get his brother to take care of him. However, Daggett soon discovers Norbert's plan and he decides to play his own trick on his brother.

3 16 "Muscular Beaver 2/Stump Looks for His Roots" March 15, 1998

Muscular Beaver 2: The government decides to blackmail Daggett into once again becoming Muscular Beaver, as there is a giant tree that has been wrecking havoc nearby. However, Norbert discovers that he's also being forced to take on the mantle of Muscular Beaver's sidekick.

Stump Looks for His Roots: When Norbert and Daggett attempt to discover who Stump's best friend is, Stump overhears their conversations and learns the truth about how he arrived in the woods. He heads off in hopes of finding his natural family, though the two beaver brothers soon head off in hopes of convincing their friend to stay with them.

4 17 "Tree of Hearts/Dag for Night" March 22, 1998

Tree of Hearts: Norbert is hoping to gain another chance at winning Treeflower's affection, as she has recently moved back into the vicinity and he does everything in his power to impress her. However, when she falls for a semi-truck driver named Truckee, Norbert must find a way to win her back.

Dag for Night: When Norbert and Daggett discover an old trunk with an old movie reel inside, they believe that it may just be the unfinished works of Oxnard Montalvo, though after they watch it, they decide that they wish to complete the movie themselves.

5 18 "Un-Barry-ble/Another One Bites the Musk" March 29, 1998

Un-Barry-ble: Barry wishes to try to get his singing career back on track, though he's lost his groove and he needs some help finding it. Norbert claims to know a lot about being cool and he decides to help Barry find his groove, though when Daggett tags along and proves to be anything but cool, Norbert decides that Daggett isn't going to be able to help out.

Another One Bites the Musk: When Daggett and Norbert learn how to mark their territory though using their scent glands, they decide to compete over who has the most things and they frantically search for new things to mark. However, they soon realize that the only way to prove themselves is to try to claim the tallest tree in the land, so they make a mad dash towards the sequoia in hopes of marking it with their scent.

6 19 "The Mighty Knot-head/Pond Scum" April 26, 1998

The Mighty Knot-head: While looking around the lake one day, Daggett finds himself surrounded by a tribe of female raccoons. They immediately proclaim him to be their ancient god and he does what he can to exploit the moment and live the good life, though when Norbert learns of his predicament, he attempts to head off in order to convince his brother to head home.

Pond Scum: While out swimming, Norbert finds himself possessed by pond scum and he is forced to perform many evil tasks. Daggett notices the sudden change in his brother's personality and he attempts to help him, though once he discovers that the pond scum is responsible, he vows to do everything he can to get him out of his brother.

7 20 "Utter Nonsense/Endangered Species" July 19, 1998

Utter Nonsense: Norbert and Daggett decide to challenge one another to a game where the next person who speaks will receive a horrible pinching. The two then decide to try to trick one another into speaking, though their refusal to say anything soon causes them misfortune.

Endangered Species: When Daggett is proclaimed an endangered species by two inept scientists, he soon finds himself being treated with luxury. However, everyone within a hundred feet of him soon finds their lives being ruined by the scientist's efforts to keep his species alive.

8 21 "Lumberjacks' Delight/Zooing Time" August 16, 1998

Lumberjack's Delight: Norbert and Daggett feel threatened when some lumberjacks move into their territory and start to mow down the forest. In an effort to convince them to leave, the two beavers decide to challenge them to a Timb-O-Rama that will see who deserves to be the one who cuts down the forest's trees.

Zooing Time: Norbert gets sent to the zoo after taking responsibility for one of Daggett's mistakes, so Daggett decides to break Norbert out in hopes of repaying his brother's kindness. However, when Norbert tells Daggett that he doesn't want to leave, he only strengthens his resolve in his endeavors.

9 22 "Friends, Romans, Beavers!/Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy" September 26, 1998

Friends, Romans, Beavers!: While on their way to the city, Norbert and Daggett board a bus that just happens to take them through time. When they arrive at their destination, they find themselves in ancient Rome, though their fate becomes worse when they're forced to become gladiators in the Roman Coliseum.

Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy: When the two beaver brothers come across a rare fish egg that happens to be worth an enormous fortune, the two attempt to betray one another in order to claim the prize all for themselves. However, things turn ugly when the mother of the egg arrives in order to retrieve what was taken from her.

10 23 "The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up!" October 26, 1998

It's the day before Halloween and the beavers are out trick-or-treating, though they're surprised when they go to a house that is owned by their hero, Oxnard Montalvo. However, Oxnard is having problems of his own as a strange creature is sucking things into an alternate dimension, in which the beavers get sucked in. They soon realize that the alternate universe is a combination of many of Oxnard's films and that it's up to them to slay the monsters in order to restore everything back to a state of normalcy.

11 24 "If You In-Sisters/Alley Oops" November 7, 1998

If You In-Sisters: The beaver brother's sisters are left in their care for the weekend, in which Norbert and Daggett attempt to vie for the affection of the two girls. However, their competition soon causes the girls to be placed in harm's way.

Alley Oops: When Daggett wins a magic bowling ball through a stroke of luck, he discovers that he'll always hit a strike if he bowls with that bowling ball. In an attempt to gain maximum profits off of his new-found ability, he decides to enter a high stakes bowling tournament.

12 25 "Open Wide for Zombies/Dumbwaiters" November 14, 1998

Open Wide for Zombies: When a terrible storm breaks out over the beavers' dam, they find themselves being swept away into the uncharted lands of the bayou. Daggett becomes worried because he's heard that many strange creatures exist in the swamp, though Norbert assures him that everything's fine, in which the two of them start to make their way back home. However, it soon becomes apparent that they're being followed, much to Daggett's dismay.

Dumbwaiters: In order to try to gain some extra finances to purchase some unique masks, Norbert and Daggett get jobs at a fine dining restaurant as waiters. However, things soon take a turn for the worse then the two misunderstand their duties and cause problems for many of the restaurant's patrons.

13 26 "Sans-a-Pelt/Gonna Getcha" November 21, 1998

Sans-a-Pelt: When Daggett attempts a magic trick, he makes a horrible mistake and both Norbert and Daggett discover that all of their fur has fallen off. Norbert embraces his nudity and he tries to convince his brother to do the same, though Daggett is too embarrassed and he tries to make his way home without being seen.

Gotta Getcha: When Daggett farts on his brother's head, Norbert vows that he'll get his revenge on Daggett in due time. However, Daggett begins to fall deep into insanity as he believes his brother will attempt to get his revenge at any moment.

Season Three

# Total Title Original air date
1 27 "My Bunnyguard/What's Eating You?" March 14, 1999

My Bunnyguard: Daggett decides to convince Big Rabbit to be his friend, since everyone is afraid of Big Rabbit and he hopes to use this to his advantage. However, Daggett soon discovers that having such a big friend may not have been the wisest move after all.

What's Eating You?: When Norbert, Daggett and Stump get stuck in a cave after a spelunking accident, Daggett must fight off his urge to eat his dear friend Stump. Meanwhile, Norbert attempts to figure out if there's any possible way for the group to make it out of the caves.

2 28 "Omega Beaver/Bite This!" March 21, 1999

Omega Beaver: Daggett starts to take a sudden interest in a certain brand of comics, which even comes with its own toy that randomly shouts phrases of incoming doom. However, when Daggett takes the toy's threat too seriously, he begins to spread paranoia throughout the forest, which causes Norbert to head off to try to undo the damage that Daggett had dealt.

Bite This!: Norbert is extremely embarrassed because he has been bed biting recently, which is a condition that causes younger beavers to chew up bark in their sleep. Despite Daggett's claims that he shouldn't let it bother him, Norbert begins to take drastic measures to put an end to his embarrassing habit.

3 29 "Spooky Spoots/Up All Night II: Up All Day. The Reckoning" March 28, 1999

Spooky Spoots: Norbert and Daggett discover that their house is haunted and they start playing with the ghost and having a good time. However, when two scientists turned paranormal investigators show up in order to capture the ghost, Norbert and Daggett must stop them.

Up All Night II: Up All Day. The Reckoning: After discovering that they've stayed up for so long that it's now the future, Norbert and Daggett attempt to get some sleep in hopes that things will turn back to normal. Unfortunately for them, they're now too tired to sleep and they once again start to bicker in hopes of staying up all day.

4 30 "Muscular Beaver 3/Sang 'Em High" April 4, 1999

Muscular Beaver 3: Daggett decides to dress up as Muscular Beaver again, though he's surprised to find that Treeflower wishes to be his sidekick, in which she becomes Goody Good Gal. When Norbert realizes his former girlfriend is playing along, he decides to become the villain and he takes up the mantle of Baron Bad Beaver.

Sang 'Em High: After discovering that he'll never be able to win an argument against Norbert, Daggett heads down to the lake to do some thinking. However, the magical Lady of the Lanes appears and grants Daggett his wish, in which Norbert will be unable to speak during an argument, though he doesn't realize that there's a price for having his wish come true.

5 31 "In Search of Big Byoo-Tox/Moronathon Man" April 11, 1999

In Search of Big Byoo-Tox: When Daggett becomes jealous of one of Norbert's new toys, he decides to find the elusive Big Byoo-Tox in hopes of getting some lessons in how to be stealthy, as he hopes that he'll be able to sneak towards Norbert's new toy and steal it.

Moronathon Man: When the scientists accidentally drop a stupidity potion into the lake, every creature in the forest becomes infected, except for Daggett. Feeling left out, Daggett attempts to drink some of the lake's water as well, though not only he discovers that he's immune to it, he discovers that the gas he produces after consuming the water is the antidote which turns those infected back to normal.

6 32 "The Legend of Kid Friendly/Silent But Deadly" April 18, 1999

The Legend of Kid Friendly: Norbert takes Daggett to a theme park that was designed after the legend of Kid Friendly, the murderous gunslinger who killed people with his kindness. However, things take a turn for the worse when a robotic Kid Friendly starts to spread too much love and cheer to the individuals at the theme park.

Silent But Deadly: When the beaver brothers wake up one morning, they discover that their house is full of sleeping wolverines that would eat them at the first opportunity they get. Norbert and Daggett agree to remain silent at all time in order to try to make it outside, though they find that their own house may not permit them to avoid detection.

7 33 "Tough Love/A Little Dad'll Do You" June 20, 1999

Tough Love: The great El Grapadura is wrestling and Norbert and Daggett can't wait to go. But before they can make it to the match, they are delayed by Bing, who has been kicked out by his girlfriend Wanda. Norbert consoles a weeping Bing while he gives Daggett the task of bringing Wanda back to her love. Daggett mistakes an alligator for Wanda and almost becomes dinner until El Grapadura comes to the rescue.

A Little Dad'll Do You: Norbert and Daggett's father comes to visit them and he asks if he could stay for a few days, in which the beaver brothers reluctantly permit him to do such. However, when they discover that he's actually been kicked out by their mother, Norbert and Daggett try to speak on his behalf in order to reunite the two, as well as to get their father out of their lives.

8 34 "Pass It On!/Stump's Family Reunion" August 7, 1999

Pass It On!: Norbert, Daggett and many of the denizens of the local forest decide to get together one night in order to each tell their own campfire stories. However, each individual must continue the story where the previous speaker left off, which causes the story to become more ludicrous as each speaker passes it on to the next.

Stump's Family Reunion: When Daggett and Norbert decide to accompany Stump to his family reunion, Norbert wants Daggett to be on his best behavior since trees aren't typically pleased to see beavers. However, when Norbert develops a sudden earache and starts to behave oddly, he puts the reputation of the beaver brothers in jeopardy.

9 35 "Muscular Beaver 4/Act Your Age" August 14, 1999

Muscular Beaver 4: When Daggett gets captured during a fight with Toe-Bot as Muscular Beaver, Norbert reluctantly becomes a superhero in order to rescue his brother, despite the fact that he wished to hold a party. Fortunately for Norbert, many of his friends are willing to accompany him and they become The Justice Guys (and One Gal), in an attempt to take town Toe-Bot.

Act You Age: When an ancient tree plummets right into the center of the dam, the beaver brothers decide to bicker over whom will get to take the first bite. They eventually agree to bite it at the same time, though when they do, they find themselves suddenly children again and they must try to figure out a method of getting back to their original forms.

10 36 "Too Loose Latrine/Pack Your Dags" August 21, 1999

Too Loose Latrine: Daggett really needs to use the bathroom, though one of the bathrooms in the dam isn't working and Norbert is keeping the remaining bathroom occupied. Daggett becomes upset because he doesn't know what he is supposed to do, though he knows he needs to find a bathroom quickly.

Pack Your Dags: When Daggett hears that Norbert is forcing the beaver brothers to move, Daggett decides to try to convince Norbert to stay in the dam because he doesn't want to leave his friends behind.

11 37 "Daggy Dearest/Dag's List" August 28, 1999

Daggy Dearest: Daggett reluctantly agrees to be the foster parent for a baby mongoose which was found on his bed, though he starts to become more attached to the child than he thought he would.

Dag's List: Strange things happen to the beaver brothers' forest friends when Norb gives Dag an organizer in which to list those who have wronged him.

12 38 "Mistaken Identity/Easy Peasy Rider" September 11, 1999

Mistaken Identity: When trying to figure out who will repair their roof when a Russian satellite falls through it, Norbert and Daggett decide to take on one another's identity in order to see who can last the longest while imitating one another.

Easy Peasy Rider: When a mean spirited motorcycle gang shows up in the vicinity of the dam, Daggett decides to do everything he can in order to join their ranks. However, the gang tends to have a dislike for beavers and they begin to mock the two beaver brothers.

13 39 "Stare and Stare Alike!/I am Not an Animal I'm Scientist #1" September 25, 1999

Stare and Stare Alike!: When Norbert and Daggett get into a staring contest, their contest soon becomes the focus of the entire world, though the two refuse to let anything else get in the way of their competition.

I am Not an Animal I'm Scientist #1: When one of the scientists who always work in the forest gets turned into a beaver, he decides to upstage the two beaver brothers through building a technological beaver dam. However, Norbert and Daggett soon have enough of their new neighbor and they decide to try to find a way to get the scientist back to his original form.

14 40 "Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo/The Loogie Hawk" October 16, 1999

Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo: Norbert and Daggett get selected to star in a Mexican wrestling film, one that stars their favorite wrestler: El Grapadura; though the two beaver brothers discover that they'll be forced to go through the movie speaking nothing but Spanish.

The Loogie Hawk: When a strange bird moves into the forest and starts to spit on them, Norbert and Daggett decide to try to fight off the bird in order to force it to move into another location.

15 41 "Kreature Komforts/Oh, Brother?" October 23, 1999

Kreature Komforts: When one of Norbert and Daggett's relatives shows up at the dam, he convinces them to give up their personal possessions in order to embrace their beaver instinct. The two beaver brothers agree to give it a shot, though they start to get the feeling that there's something different about their new friend.

Oh, Brother?: After watching an old home movie, Norbert expresses that he doesn't feel that Daggett is his real brother. When Norbert finds the individual he saw in the movie, he becomes Byron's new brother, while Daggett becomes Randy's brother, though they start to wonder if they actually made the right decision.

16 42 "Das Spoot/Sqotters" November 6, 1999

Das Spoot: The beaver brothers decide to head down to the bottom of the pond in a submarine they had created, though what they discover down there shocks them.

Sqotters: When Norbert and Daggett's dam gets overtaken by freeloading otters, the two must do what they can to regain control of their lives and send the lazy otters packing.

17 43 "Long Tall Daggy/Practical Jerks" November 13, 1999

Long Tall Daggy: Norbert is a full four minutes older than Daggett and he is also the tallest of the two beaver brothers, though when Daggett has a sudden growth spurt, Norbert must cope with the fact that he's no longer the biggest beaver in the dam.

Practical Jerks: After witnessing Norbert and Daggett's attempts to play practical jokes on one another, a tribe of female raccoons decides to convince the two beaver brothers to try to pass their initiation, which consists of some severe hazing.

18 44 "Nice & Lonely/Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him!" December 11, 1999

Nice & Lonely: Bing has suddenly become famous and he has written a book about the joys of being lonely. Daggett still thinks Bing is as annoying as ever and he decides that he wants nothing to do with him, though Norbert embraces Bing in an attempt to retain his social standing.

Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him!: Daggett has been watching soccer recently, though Norbert starts to become concerned for his brother's well being when he starts to do things that only the most hardcore of fans are known to do.

19 45 "Brothers... to the End?/Euro Beavers" December 18, 1999

Brothers... to the End?: After drinking some of Daggett's horrible punch during the countdown to the year 2000, Norbert and Daggett awake to discover that they're in a fantasy world and that anything they want comes true.

Euro Beavers: Norbert discovers that he is of European ancestry and he decides to embrace that fact, which causes him to take on many poor habits that he associates with European beavers. Daggett doesn't like seeing his brother in that condition and he tries to do what he can to convince Norbert to go back to being an American beaver.

20 46 "Slap Happy/Home Loners" March 4, 2000

Slap Happy: When Daggett discovers that beavers slap their tail on the water in order to warn others of danger, he abuses his newfound ability for personal gain. Norbert tries his best to get Daggett to stop, though he realizes he may need some help from his father.

Home Loners: Daggett and Norbert both have the house for themselves, though that's because they aren't aware that the other brother is currently inside the house. However, when they both get a feeling that they're not alone in the house, they decide to catch the creature who broke into their home.

21 47 "Ugly Roomers/Finger Lickin' Goofs" March 11, 2000

Ugly Roomers: After growing weary of dealing with one another at night, Norbert and Daggett decide to build their own bedrooms so that they can sleep in separate rooms. However, their attempts soon turn into a competition to see who can build the better bedroom.

Finger Lickin' Goofs: After watching a documentary, Norbert and Daggett fall under the impression that bears have a strong desire to eat beavers. Things take a turn for the worse when their bear friend, Barry, shows up for a visit, which causes the two beaver brothers to behave in an abnormal fashion.

22 48 "Strange Allure/Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow" March 18, 2000

Strange Allure: Daggett falls in love with a fishing lure that is stuck on his tail, though the fishing lure is causing all types of fish to try to bite his tail off. In an attempt to reason with his brother, Norbert gives Daggett some advice, though it's up to Daggett to decide if he's willing to part with his newfound soul mate.

Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow: The beaver brothers have decided to throw a party for all of their friends, but when they realize that they've made absolutely no preparations an hour before the party is scheduled to begin, they make a mad dash in an attempt to set the party up before it's too late.

Season Four

# Total Title Original air date
1 49 "Chocolate Up to Experience/Three Dag Nite" September 2, 2000

Chocolate Up to Experience: In order to get a curling iron that would permit him to complete his collection, Norbert decides to try to sell chocolates in order to help nutless squirrels gain some nuts. However, things take a turn for the worse when he employs his brother to help him sell chocolate bars.

Three Dag Nite: Daggett buys a toy oven that is capable of making plastic clones of things, though Daggett decides to try to clone himself, which causes the two beaver brothers a lot of problems as they attempt to get rid of all the clones.

2 50 "Fat Chance!/Dag in the Mirror" September 9, 2000

Fat Chance!: Winter is approaching and the two beaver brothers must eat as much as possible in order to gain the weight that they need to stay alive. However, when Daggett's high metabolism refuses to let him gain any weight, he must try to figure out what to do before the winter season begins.

Dag in the Mirror: When Norbert tells his brother that he must love himself in order to let others love him, Daggett becomes extremely narcissistic and Norbert must try to convince Daggett that his previous comments weren't true.

3 51 "Canucks Amuck/Yak in the Sack" September 16, 2000

Canucks Amuck: Norbert and Daggett are upset when some Canadian beavers show up and claim the land in the name of Canada. In an attempt to re-Americanize their homeland, the two beaver brothers challenge the Canadian beavers to a competition.

Yak in the Sack: When a friendly yak with a knack for rhyming shows up in the beavers' dam, he decides to try to make their environment as safe and happy as possible, though his actions soon cause the beavers to grow weary of him.

4 52 "Driving Misses Daggett/Big Fun" September 16, 2000

Driving Misses Daggett: Norbert and Daggett challenge one another to a bizarre game of golf that combines many unique elements from various sports. The winner will receive a golf-cart that they both strongly want, so they decide to do everything they can in order to be the victor.

Big Fun: When Norbert and Daggett visit Big Rabbit's house, they discover that his family is also visiting. Daggett starts to love his family as their lack of order goes right along with his fundamental beliefs, though Norbert starts to panic because he dislikes it when things become chaotic.

5 53 "Moby Dopes/Present Tense" September 23, 2000

Moby Dopes: When Daggett befriends a killer whale, he manages to sneak it into the beavers' local pond, though the whale soon starts to unbalance the ecosystem of the pond and the surrounding forest.

Present Tense: It's the day before Norbert and Daggett's birthday and a strange present has appeared in front of their home. They believe the package is from their mother, though they are uncertain as to which one of them the package is for, so they begin to feud over who will receive the contents of the gift.

6 54 "It's a Spootiful Life/The Mom from U.N.C.L.E." September 23, 2000

It's a Spootiful Life: Feeling depressed, Daggett visits the Lady of the Lanes and he asks her to make it so that he was never born. However, the Lady of the Lanes decide to just show Daggett what it would be like without actually getting rid of him, though what he discovers only makes him angry.

The Mom from U.N.C.L.E.: Norbert and Daggett get a surprise visit from their mother and they attempt to figure out what the special occasion is. However, they accidentally discover that their mother has been living a double life since before they were even born.

7 55 "House Sisters/Muscular Beaver 5" September 30, 2000

House Sisters: When Norbert and Daggett are leaving their dam for awhile, they leave some instructions on a video tape so that their younger sisters can look over the house in their absence. However, the video tape they left behind soon starts to malfunction and their sisters reluctantly decide to do some of the insane things that they think their brothers want them to do.

Muscular Beaver 5: Daggett decides to retire as Muscular Beaver since his comic book counterpart did the same thing. However, when he discovers that Norbert has continued to role-play as Baron Bad Beaver since he first became Muscular Beaver, he decides to once again take on the mantle of Muscular Beaver and he challenges Baron Bad Beaver to a final showdown.

8 56 "Vantastic Voyage/Blacktop Beavers" September 30, 2000

Vantastic Voyage: Two scientists want to see what the inside of a beaver is like, though instead of shrinking themselves down to size to fit inside of the beaver, they decide to make the beaver grow to fantastic heights so they can just drive their normal van around inside of him. However, Norbert is dismayed when he discovers that Daggett has been selected as the test subject, so he decides to do what he can in order to get his brother back to normal.

Blacktop Beavers: Norbert and Daggett get into a race with Truckee in order to see who will be the first who can reach the largest pile of toenails attraction at one of the nearby amusement parks. However, Truckee feels confident since he's recently improved his semi-truck, Big Renee, though Norbert and Daggett have a few tricks up their sleeve as well.

9 57 "Specs Appeal/Things That Go Hook in the Night" January 6, 2001

Specs Appeal: Norb checks the paper and sees a pair of the Mark 5 Model X-Ray Glasses that he must have! So instead of taking money out of his rich bank account, he goes "halves" with Dag and takes all his money! Soon Norb gets the glasses. He puts them on and all he sees is human hand bones. The real X-Ray glasses are invisible, and Dag's wearing them.

Things That Go Hook in the Night: When Norbert and Daggett go camping, Norbert decides to try to scare his brother by telling him a scary story about the mysterious Hook Creature. However, Norbert soon starts to believe his own story and he becomes paranoid in thinking that the Hook Creature is coming to get him.

10 58 "Damnesia/The Posei-Dam Adventure" February 17, 2001

Damnesia: Norbert finds himself without memories when his dam breaks and falls on his head. Daggett attempts to convince his brother to remember who he is by showing him some old home movies, though when Norbert realizes just how horrible of a brother he was, he decides that he doesn't want to go back to being the beaver he once was.

The Posei-Dam Adventure: While in the middle of throwing a party, the beaver brothers receive word that a volcanic tornado is coming through the forest. Norbert and all of his friends get inside of a "volnado" shelter, though Daggett and Truckee find themselves stuck inside of the dam and they must work together in order to try to escape with their lives.

11 59 "The Big Frog/Dag Con Carny" March 3, 2001

The Big Frog: When Norbert constantly berates Daggett for being so childish, Daggett decides to give Norbert a taste of his own medicine and he starts to behave as a grown-up, with a unique twist that he feels will show Norbert that he shouldn't tell others to stop being childish.

Dag Con Carny: The beaver brothers get jobs at a cheap carnival that they discover is anything but fun. They constantly get yelled at and they're forced to rig the games to prevent people from winning, though Norbert formulates a plan that may be able to turn the tides against their employer.

12 60 "All in the Colony/Line Duncing" March 10, 2001

All in the Colony: Daggett purchases an ant farm and he's amazed to discover that all of the ants are white. However, Norbert tells him that he's actually bought a termite farm, which causes him to flip out and the glass container shatters, releasing the termites into their home. In fear, Daggett defects to the termite army, which leaves Norbert to save his dam and his brother by himself.

Line Duncing: Norbert and Daggett take their sisters, Stacey and Chelsea, to an ice show. However, their sisters start to become upset since Daggett forced them to get stuck at the back of the line, so Norbert sends his brother off in order to buy things to keep their sisters happy.

13 61 "Beavemaster/Deck Poops" May 30, 2001

Beavemaster: When a mystical wizard sends a warrior to the beavers' pond, he starts to make the surrounding wildlife uncomfortable due to the way he constantly swings his sword around. Norbert and Daggett decide to work together to send their misunderstood neighbor back on the track to being a proper citizen.

Deck Poops: When Daggett is held captive by three singing river rats, Norbert must do what he can in order to rescue Daggett and ultimately get rid of the rats infesting their home. However, Daggett soon starts to snap after being forced to listen to their horrible music.

14 62 "Dagski and Norb/Shell or High Water" June 11, 2001

Dagski and Norb: In this spoof of 1970s police shows (especially the one the title alludes to, Starsky and Hutch), cops Norbert and Daggett fight crime in the city.

Shell or High Water: After constantly fighting with one another, Norbert and Daggett decide to spend a day where they actually get along perfectly. However, their friendly behavior soon causes the world as they know it to change.

15 63 "A Tail of Two Rangers" June 11, 2001

Norbert and Daggett become rangers.