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Daggett and Norbert both have the house for themselves, though that's because they aren't aware that the other brother is currently inside the house. However, when they both get a feeling that they're not alone in the house, they decide to catch the creature who broke into their home.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • It's revealed that El Grapadura has his own TV show, The Loco Misadventures of Sheriff El Grapadura.
  • Norb mentions writer, songwriter, and Bing's voice actor Victor Wilson.

Production Information


  • When Daggett enters the closet, he is still half hairless, burned, and bandaged. However, when he's in the closet, he is back to his normal self.



  • Home Alone - The episode title is a reference to the 1990 family comedy film.


"Slap Happy"
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"Ugly Roomers"

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