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"Go to Canada" is the song performed by Norbert Beaver and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the episode "Canucks Amuck".


And now, ladies and gentlemen-eh, I direct your attention to center ice, for a special presentation, for the Royal Canadian Mountain Police-eh.

Oh Canada, our home and native land.

Oh kick it,
Keep saving the beauty, dig it,
Well you can tell from the way that I say "Eh, I'm from
Chorus: Canada",
We can speak the English but we do Francais, up in
Chorus: Canada,
And it's full of big, hairy guys, named Renee.

Up in Canada, I'm talking
Norb and Chorus: Canada
Norb and Chorus: Go, go, go, back to Canada
Norb and Chorus: Go, go, go, back to Canadaaaaaaaaa-haaaaaaa...........haaaaa
Oh yeah.

Well, if you're good at leashing and dog-sledding too hit
Chorus: Canada,
We got loads of sights and the northern lights, up in
Chorus: Canada,
And special nights for hockey games with lots of fights
Chorus: in Canada,
So let's sail forth, to the great white north
Norb and Chorus: Canada.

Norb and Chorus: So go, go, go back to Canada,
Norb and Chorus: Lets all go back to Canadaaaaaaaaa-haaaaaaa...........haaaaa
Norb and Chorus: BACK TO CANADA!


  • "Stayin' Alive" - This song is similar to the Bee Gees' 1977 hit single.


BMI Work #5139588

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