Winter is approaching and the two beaver brothers must eat as much as possible in order to gain the weight that they need to stay alive. However, when Daggett's high metabolism refuses to let him gain any weight, he must try to figure out what to do before the winter season begins.

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  • "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" - When Norbert and Daggett return home after their third unsuccessful try to fatten Daggett up, Daggett sort of sings to Norbert "Don't cry for me, Norbertina". This is a reference to the song, which first recorded in 1976 by Julie Covington and was later included in the 1978 stage musical Evita.
  • Green Acres - When Norbert and Daggett first arrive at the fat farm the theme song for the TV sitcom is briefly heard.


"Three Dag Nite"
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"Dag in the Mirror"

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