Norbert has always had a lifelong dream, though he's never been able to find the right time to pursue it. However, when he learns that a Lipizzaner Stallion competition is about to take place, Daggett decides to train Norbert into the perfect Lipizzaner so that he can have a chance at winning.

Episode Summary

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  • Fancy Pants- The episode title is based on the phrase "fancy-pants".
  • Rocky - Norb's training in order to be like a Lipizzaner stallion is somewhat similar to Rocky's in the films. Norb even runs up a long flight of stairs at the end of the training montage.
  • U.S. Marines - The line "The few, the proud, the Lipizzaner." is a spoof of the motto "The few, the proud, the Marines."


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"Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner?"
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