When a documentary claims that a beaver's only means of defense is to hide in a dam, Daggett decides to take martial arts lessons so he can show the world what exactly beavers are capable of.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • First episode to have Dag's name in its title.
  • Debut of Truckee
  • The first time Norbert breaks the fourth wall to the audience by saying "Oh no, this is not good!"

Production Information


  • Enter the Dragon - The episode title is based on the 1973 martial arts action film.
  • The Karate Kid - Dag says the line "wax on, wax off" before preparing to "fight" Barry, Wolffe, and Truckee.
  • PaRappa the Rapper - When Dag says the line "Whaaaat?", it makes a reference to the 1997 video game of PaRappa's line which he fails his rap on bad or awful rank in each music stage.


"Fish and Dips"
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