El Grapadura is Norb and Dag's favorite Mexican luchador.

Physical Appearance

El Grapadura is a Mexican with brown eyes. His clothing consists of a green-yellow and orange wrestling uniform with a matching mask, a black belt with a gold belt buckle, white gloves with orange trim, and orange boots.

Whenever he plays soccer, he wears a white shirt with four black stripes and black shorts with a white stripe over his wrestling uniform. [1]

Background Information

  • El Grapadura only speaks in Spanish, especially in the episode "Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo" (translating to "Norbert and Daggett in El Grapadura and The Evil Beaver"), in which all the characters speak Spanish.
    • Despite popular belief and El Grapadura's name being translated to "The Stapler" in the same episode, El Grapadura does not actually translate exactly to "The Stapler". However, it sounds very close to the word "El Grapadora", which does translate to "The Stapler."
  • He has his own TV show, The Loco Crazy Misadventures of Sheriff El Grapadura, and cereal, El Grapaduros. [2][3]


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