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Bye Bye Beavers is an unaired episode of The Angry Beavers.

Episode Summary

Norbert gets a letter saying that he is over. Confused, Daggett asks what it means, to which Norb replies that they are vanishing. As it turns out, Norbert always knew that they were a cartoon, but he had never told Dag because he was afraid that his mind couldn't comprehend it. Norb tries to explain it, but to no avail. Unable to accept their fate, Dag tries bribing, begging, and threatening to "kick those spooty cartoon-being-over guys's behinders".

Background Information

  • Truckee is mentioned in this episode. After Dag realizes he can turn invisible, he mentions that he can't wait to use it in his next fight with Truckee.
  • The only episode that Dag and Norb refer to each other as Richard (Dag) and Nick/Salem (Norb). It's because it was a draft and not the final version.
  • At the end of the episode, Dag and Norbert both scream "APRIL FOOLS" and begin laughing. This has started a rumor that the series was never meant to end here, and it was simply an April Fools day special, but because they violated a Nickelodeon rule, the series was ended here.

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