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Daggett and Norbert decide to take Barry's advice and they release a disco hit entitled "Beaver Fever", though when the fame and wealth starts to get to their heads, they become their own worst enemy.

Episode Summary


Background Information

  • Newspaper headlines shown in the episode:
    • "Beaver Fever Sweeps Nation"
    • "Beaver Fever Sweeps World"
    • "Beaver Fever Sweeps... Things That are... Bigger... Than... That..."

Production Information


  • The Beatles/John Lennon - There are many references to the Beatles in this episode. Norbert holding a press conference in him pajamas is a reference to John Lennon and Yoko Ono holding a conference in bed to promote peace. Daggett saying he's bigger than sliced bread, the Beaver's records being burned, and Daggett's apology is a reference to John Lennon's 1966 comment about being bigger than Jesus, the public's reaction to it and his apology. The Bark album is a reference to the White Album. A sign in a crowd says "Is Daggett Dead?" This is a reference to the Paul is Dead rumors that surface c.1969.
  • "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" - Barry Bear's song "Oh, Baby" is loosely based off of Barry White's hit single.


The image gallery for Beaver Fever may be viewed here.


"Food of the Clods"
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