Barry Bear is Daggett and Norbert's funk-loving best friend.

Physical Appearance

Barry is a large-sized bear with brown (and medium brown) fur, a red-brown and brown nose, and a unibrow.

While composing music on his piano, he wears an orange gown and cap with teal, black, blue, and white triangle trim, sunglasses, a necklace, and tan slippers. ("Un-Barry-ble", "The Loogie Hawk")

Whenever Barry's lifting weights, he wears the aforementioned cap, a light blue sweat shirt with a blue collar and "STATE" in blue lettering, light blue sweat pants with a blue stripe, and black shoes. ("Dag's List")

His soccer uniform consists of a white shirt with three black stripes and two red stripes on the sleeves, black shorts with a white stripe, white socks, and red cleats.("Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him!")

His underwear is a pair of baby blue briefs. ("Dag in the Mirror")

Background Information

  • Barry is based on the late singer-songwriter Barry White.
  • His doorbell is "HEY!" from James Brown's song "I Got You (I Feel Good)".
  • He announced that he came out of retirement to record his first album in ten years. ("Un-Barry-ble")
  • He has a fear of clowns, which has been shown numerous times. ("Un-Barry-ble")
  • He does one armed bench-presses in his spare time. ("Dag's List")
  • He played the violin during Norb's classical music jam session. ("Slap Happy")
  • Every Tuesday night, Barry hangs out at Norb and Dag's dam. ("Finger Lickin' Goofs")
  • His favorite foods are spinach goulash, carrots, and tofu crispy cakes. ("Finger Lickin' Goofs")


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