When Daggett wins a magic bowling ball through a stroke of luck, he discovers that he'll always hit a strike if he bowls with that bowling ball. In an attempt to gain maximum profits off of his new-found ability, he decides to enter a high stakes bowling tournament.

Episode Summary

Background Information

300 Series plaque
  • The 300 Series plaque inside the bowling alley has the following names: STATEMA, DILORETO, LESSA M, VITO, COHN M, and BUTTERCUP. Four of them are a reference to Angry Beavers crew members John R. Statema, Rosanna DiLoreto, Michael Lessa, and Vito Curcuru.
  • Another crew member, Kimberly Goosen, was mentioned over the P.A. system.

Production Information


  • Camelot - The bowling alley, Camelot Lanes, is a reference to the legendary castle.
  • Lady of the Lanes is a take on Lady of the Lake.
  • Excalibur - The bowling ball, Excaliball, is a take on King Arthur's legendary sword.
  • "The Hustle - A instrumental remix of the disco song is heard as the Beavers bowl against the Otto Brothers.
  • "Disco Inferno" - A instrumental remix of a 70's song by The Trammps is also heard as the Beavers bowl against the Otto Brothers.


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"If You In-Sisters"
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