The government decides to send Norbert and Daggett into a flood zone in an attempt to get them to build dams and stop the raging water. Things go good for the two of them, though when the water starts to behave in an nontraditional fashion, they'll need to use an nontraditional dam to keep it in place.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • Newspaper headlines shown in the episode:
  • "Army Corps Can't Stop Flooding"
  • "Rivers Too Wild! President Sends in Norbert & Daggett" ---- " 'No sweat--it's just a bunch of spooty water!' sez Daggett"
  • The "almost interesting" nature program Norb watched about how rivers hate big cliffs came in handy towards the end of the episode.

Production Information


  • On Golden Pond - When Dag said "Life was so much easier on Golden Pond.", he could be referring to the play and the 1981 film.


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"Up All Night"
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